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♥ Permanent Sales Post ♥

My sincerest apologies, but due to raising shipping prices, I can not make any sales that seem to be worth it for the buyer with small packets starting at 10$ shipping. I'm very sorry. Once the possible Canadian Postal Strike blows over, I may offer my left over goods as GAs to help cope with heavy shipping and to make it more worth it for everyone (You may PM me if you are interested in hosting it). Those whom purchased goods from me, don't worry, they will/have been sent out. Though this is closed as a sales post, I AM STILL ACCEPTING TRADES FOR ANYTHING IN HERE THAT HASN'T BEEN SOLD.


♥ Sales permission was granted by
[info]denkimouse !
♥ I will hold items, but please don't leave me hanging, regardless if you decide you want it or not!
♥ I reserve the right to refuse to deal with banned members or anyone that is causing unnecessary grief!
♥ Most things do not have a price, it's open for offers! I am very open to haggling! I just want this stuff OUTTTTTT!!
♥ I ship from Canada, and shipping is unfortunately pricey. Please be understanding!
♥ I absolutely LOVE trades, especially for anything in my wants. But I am open to anything non-flat for: Human Characters, Vulpix, Growlithe-line, Eeveelutions, Zorua, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Raichu, Buizel, Mincinno-line, Emolga, any MWT jakk's plush, cute Pokemon plush in general, and eeveelution TCG.


~Plush information, from left to right, top to bottom.~
♥ Meowth is a backpack, in mint condition.
♥ Mewtwo is also a backpack, mint and super soft, but his straps are removed.
♥ Charmander is a backpack, he is mint.
♥ Charmander is a backpack, he is a little loved and his straps are removed.
♥ Jigglypuff (large) is a Play-by-Play, his eyes are scuffed and he is loved.
♥ Spheal is a bootleg, but he is super soft minky!
♥ Mini Meowth is the Burger King Plush.
♥ Charizard is the Hasbro, slighty loved.
♥ Snubble is the Hasbro, good condition.
♥ Psyduck is the Hasbro, slightly loved.
♥ Meowth is the hasbro, loved.
♥ Jigglypuff is the Hasbro, good condition.
♥ Jigglypuff a candy pouch, unknown origin, great condition.
♥ Ivysaur (with Mewtwo tag) is a bootleg. He vibrates.
♥ Ivysaur is a bootleg, he vibrates.
♥ Ivysaur is the Hasbro, good condition.
♥ Bulbasaur is the Hasbro, good condition.
♥ Bulbasaur is the Play-by-Play, good condition.
♥ Treeko is Hasbro (I think), super soft! Good condition.
♥ Snorlax is the Hasbro, with tush tag, Good condition.
♥ Snorlax is the Hasbro, no tush tag, loved.
♥ Sentret is the Hasbro, good condition.

~Take them away!~
♥ The first is a backpack, mint! Quite small though.
♥ The second I'm guessing used to have a voice box (there's velcro underneath) but otherwise mint!
♥ The thirds talks when you squeeze his paw, and then answers if you make noise. Used.
♥ Larger Hasbro is loved.
♥ Mini Hasbro is very loved.

♥ Both are Banpresto Super DX Plush, about 12 inches tall, and MWT. 35$ each or both for 60$.


Here's a few bits of info, but for any further details, don't hesitate to ask!
♥ The eeveelutions on the right are bootlegs, on the left are legit.
♥ DX Ash has heavy damage on his right arm (chewed by my rats).
♥ The Pichu/Pikachu Megabloks set has never been opened.
♥ All keychains are missing their keyrings.
♥ Ask away!

♥ The Zorua figure is the Keshipoke.
♥ Jessie Bean has a few bite-marks.
♥ Ask away!

♥ The first is the Tomy.
♥ The next 2 are Chous.
♥ Preorder Figure.
♥ The last is the Jakk's Figure.


♥ The waterbottle has never been used.
♥ I can split the mint magnets in the back.
♥ The round things on the right are packs of cards for a rummy game.
♥ The DS case is used but great condition, comes with the original stylus of Chikorita, Totodile, and Chikorita.
♥ The round metal thing is a keychain featuring Zoroark and Zorua.
♥ Ask Away!

♥ First bag is a major bootleg. Look at that multicolored Raichu! XD

♥ I have a ton of Tomy MC and bootleg Tomy (great for repaints!) Let me know if you're looking for any!


♥ I have a bajilion stickers and random flats if you're looking for any Pokemon in particular. :3
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Wants and questions~!

Hello my loves. <3

I have a few questions for you lovelies tonight~! Well, one of my main collections are TRAINERS/HUMANS plush and figures. So I was wondering...

- How rare are the Ash Ketchum plush? (Like ANY of the ones on PokePlushProject) Or Jessie (because I snatched a James lately. <3) I haven't seen anyone with them or selling them on here, I don't know if it's from lack of popularity or insane rarity! Any ideas on prices? Does someone have these?

If anyone has any of those (or any Ash, Misty, Brock, Dawn, Team Rocket, etc.) any human and trainer merch (NO FLATS PLEASE!) I'm always interested. (although money is pretty short at the moment so don't get offended if I turn you down or ask you to be patient. <3)

But... I AM DESPERATLY LOOKING FOR ANY TYPE OF GARY OAK! He's my favorite character EVER and I cannot seem to ever get his merch on time! D=

Also the eeveelution hunt is never over if you have something to pawn off. <3
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Hello PKMN Collectors!

I'm going to use this as a re-introduction post at the same time: A few, or quite a few with you may already know me, I'm Charmystar! I'm 18 years old, and like so many of you, have been collecting Pokemon since I was a wee little girl~ I've recently started getting into more hardcore and specific collecting (oh, my poor wallet xD). I'm an EEVEELUTION and TRAINER (or whichever Pokemon-related human character) collector!
I haven't ever posted my collection yet but I've been very active buying your goods and giving them homes, and watching all your beautiful collections grow with mine!

So tonight I completely overhauled my collection shelf and removed almost everything unrelated to my specific collection so I have a lot of goods waiting for homes once I get sales/trade permission! <3

PS: I started a feedback post for myself, if I bought from you, if you could please give a shout it would be great! Here: http://charmystar.livejournal.com/1098.html

Now, without further blabla! I present you, my collection!Collapse )
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Charmystar's Feedback!

This is where sellers from the PKMN Collector community can leave me feedback to let others know I can be trusted or to give me a hint on how to be a better customer/seller! :3


Items sold/bought:
Rating:  /5

BUYER: (17)



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1/1 Eevee question!

From what I understand, there was a 1/1 Eevee re-released in 2009. I am looking for some information on this plush. Price? (Because eBay only has some for 150-175$) and I have no idea if this is the right price range. They are discontinued now, yes? Also, if anyone has one they are willing to part with? Condition doesn't really matter to me. Because of unexpected generosity from a friend, I may be getting one of these! :3 Please help, collectors! Thank youu!
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Awww, about time.

Finally created a LiveJournal account! I've been roaming pkmncolelctors forever now, and thought I try my luck at getting in! Stay tuned for pictures of my collection and my wants and my long sap stories about Pokemon. <3